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Steamtug "ANDREAS"
Flagship of the Association

The steam-tug "ANDREAS", laid down in the war year 1944, is the last build started at the shipyard of the Wiemann Brothers. Bittkow & Geißler, in Dorotheenhof, had ordered the tug, that should be driven by a diesel motor, similarly to the 1939 built "WOTAN".

In October 1944 the city of Brandenburg suffered several air attacks. The Wiemann Shipyard was also hit. The tug "ANDREAS", under construction on the slipways, was also heavily damaged by a bomb-hit amidships. Meanwhile it was learned that the anticipated MAN-Dieselmotor would no longer be available.

Fortunately, however, there was a triple-expansion steam engine on the shipyard that had been taken out of the 1925 steam tug "SAALECK", which had also been built by the Wiemann Brothers. Thus remained in service the valuable steam engine, already 12 years old, that with its 275 H.P. lives on today in the "ANDREAS".

In Brandenburg one didn't waver long. As one needed a larger area and volume for the boiler and steam engine than for the ship designed for a motor, and as the hull had received such severe damage, she now received a greater length and width.
Naturally the construction was delayed.

The delivery of the steam boiler also ran into difficulties. However, in the end, the steamer christened in the name "ANDREAS" would become one of the most beautiful of the "Wiemann" tugs.

With the length of 35,18 meters [114' 4"] and a beam of 6,93 meters [22' 6"] she had a displacement of 288 metric tons and a deadweight capacity of 80 metric tons. The triple-expansion engine is equipped with a multi-pass surface condenser. The high pressure cylinder has piston valve control and the middle and low pressure cylinders flat slide valve gear.

The reverse gear is a Klug connecting gear steering with spindel and hand-wheel. Through the favorable underwater form with wide stern and "Kort" steering nozzle a particularly good towing capacity was attained. That was about 20% greater than with a ship without the "Kort nozzle".

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